When To Be Seen?

What’s the Right Time & Age To Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that your child see an orthodontist at age 7.  Your child will start to lose their baby teeth at around age 6 and the last baby tooth is normally lost at around age 12.

A Conservative Approach

When you hear the term “conservative” approach used in orthodontics, it means we won’t advocate undergoing treatment until it is necessary.  The initial evaluation will help to determine the best time to begin care and provide treatment options if needed.

To that end, observing your child until they are ready is very important as we monitor the exfoliation and eruption of teeth to prevent impacted teeth and to see if your child needs Phase 1 or early intervention treatment.

Only a small percentage of children need early treatment.  When it is needed, it is generally because the correction cannot occur later due to a specific growth time frame and to prevent possible damage of teeth and/or the gums and jaw structure.

We explain to you each and every step, what we want to see in terms of your child’s oral growth and health, and how we achieve your child’s healthy smile.